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Mestrado Universitario en Estudos Ingleses Avanzados e as súas Aplicacións (2019)
  Literatura e perspectivas de xénero no ámbito anglófono
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Students wil learn about the literary discourse of critical scholars and writers of the African Diaspora. Students will learn about the diversity and complexity of the different multi-ethnic cultures these writers of African descent belong to (or reject). Students will take advantage of the criticism and theory available on the subject (Black Feminist Thought) and will be encouraged to compare and contrast it with Western feminists schools and/or approaches. After the reading and analysis of criticism, fiction and/or autobiographies on the various ways women of African descent have historically perceived them (or being perceived by others), students might better understand the social and political struggles that are still going on (and failing) worldwide to defend that the lives of black girls and women do matter. By reading both works of fiction and theory written by writers of the African Diaspora, students will get access to first-hand information about the reality of the so-called Other. By reading writers of African descent who belong in the Diaspora, students will get a better grasp of women (together with men and children) as migrating subjects AND objects. This knowledge will allow them to look at current migration stories and policies all around the world (but, this time, the so--called Middle Passage finds an echo in the Mediterranean Sea. AI9
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