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Mestrado Universitario en Estudos Ingleses Avanzados e as súas Aplicacións (2019)
  Literatura e perspectivas de xénero no ámbito anglófono
Metodoloxías Descrición
Lecturas Students are expected to read assigned required readings BEFORE class starts.
Students are also expected to read the feminist criticism and theory material thoroughly, and to participate freely and regularly in classroom discussions.
Students are provided with two different types of readings:
1) Reguired readings: Here we include different genres (from short stories to poems or essays and novels) by representative writers of the African Diaspora.
2) Critical readings: Here we include a number of scholarly articles and essays written by outstanding critics on the field of Feminisms, Black Feminist Thought, or Feminisms of the African Diaspora.
Presentación oral ALL students are expected to prepare a class presentation (15 to 20 minutes max.) on one or more critical articles included in the Syllabus.
They will have to summarize main relevant ideas and provide examples and quotations from article.
They will have to evaluate that reading and present their own critical opinions (pros and cons).
They will point at a particular required reading/author that can be read in view of the article/s chosen.
Students should come prepare with comments and or questions for their class-mates.
This is a power-point presentation. Students should include audio-visual material related to the topic (an interview with author, if available; a documentary; illustrations, and the like).
Sesión maxistral This teaching method is practice-oriented, and it puts the emphasis on how to learn.
The lecture (practice-oriented) goes two ways. Basically, it should work more as a dialogue (between lecturer and students) than a monologue. Lecture, thus, should help to start different dialogues.
Students are introduced to the socio-historical context of Africans in the Diaspora and to key concepts in Black Feminist criticism and theory.
For each particular writer included in the required reading list, students wil get familiar with general information about the author and her/his time. Information on critical reception, controversial readings, and new approaches will be provided.
This introductory "lectures" will be followed by a discussion (where students are the protagonists), as well as by a sesion on comments and questions.
If possible, we might have a guest who would complement our goals.
Traballos tutelados ALL students are expected to write an original comparative essay with a critical framework that highlights a Black Feminist approach. Students can, of course, compare and contrast different critical theories (Western Feminisms versus Black Feminisms) within the paper.
For this comparative essay students can choose to compare a text from the required readings list with a film or a documentary since students will be provided with a litst of "ALTERNATIVE MATERIAL" that includes both fiction and audio visual material (films, documentaries, speeches, etc).
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