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Mestrado Universitario en Estudos Ingleses Avanzados e as súas Aplicacións (2019)
  Literatura y perspectivas de género en el ámbito anglófono
   Atención personalizada
Presentación oral
Trabajos tutelados
Before students choose topic for his/her oral presentation they should contact me to discuss different possibilities and approaches.
Teacher will provide students with the necessary information to organize and prepare for their class presentation (number of slides, selection of quotations, choice of audio-visual material, etc).
Students should contact instructor in case they might need any extra advice.
Instructor should approve oral presentation once the work is done.
After class presentation and discussion are over, instructor will meet with the student to comment on the student's strenghts and overall performance.
Students should inform instructor choice of topic, authors, texts chosen and critical approach for the comparative essay.
There will be a tutorial to make it clear basic needs as far as form and content are concerned.
Instructor would suggest relevant theory to be used by student and recommend revisions of first draft.
Students should have tha approval of instructor to start working on comparative essay.
Instructor and students will meet periodically when and if necessary for tutorials.
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