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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Lingua Inglesa 3
Methodologies Description
Introductory activities Introductory sessions, where activities aim to obtain information about students' level of competence, in order to advance in agreement with their expectations and requirements.
Guest lecture / keynote speech Lecture mode, accompanied by audiovisual materials, with the aim of increasing students' knowledge of the English language and the topics covered.
Directed discussion Discussion in pairs and small groups, monitored by the teacher, in which students' skills are put into practice, whereby informal, spontaneous conversations and debates can take place.
Speaking test A test in which communicative competence is assessed, within the context of an individual or pair interview which takes place with one or both of the teachers.
Seminar Practical sessions where the four basic communicative skills are developed, with regard to topics contained in the programme or others that may arise.
Objective test Written examination. This allows teachers to assess the knowledge and linguistic skills acquired, developed and improved during the course. This may include several types of questions: essays, multiple choice, gap-filling, transformation and other exercises, and a listening test. It will be almost exclusively based on materials covered in the course of the classes.
Oral presentation This is a presentation in front of the class (medium size DI class) involving a topic for argument or controversy chosen by the student her/himself. Students should come to some conclusion after considering and explaining the main points. They should use PowerPoint or similar to back up their arguments.
Student portfolio Students should keep, register and arrange materials, which are the result of lectures and other activities, with their own comments and grades assigned to them, so that they can follow their own development. It should include their compositions together with the comments and corrections made by teachers. Also any other research and work carried out by themselves independently.
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