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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Técnicas de Tradución
Topic Sub-topic
I. Translation in the Field of English Studies I.1. Introduction to translation techniques.

I.2. Translation and interculturality.

I.3. Translation techniques in the field of English language.

I.4. The translemic equivalence.

I.4.1 Equivalence at the word level.
I.4.2. Equivalence above word level.
I.4.3. Grammatical equivalence.
I.4.4. Textual equivalence
I.4.5, Pragmatic equivalence.

I.5. Types of texts, types of translations.

I.5.1. The literary translation.
I.5.2. The journalistic translation.
I.5.3. The scientific-technical translation.
I.5.4. Other translations

I.6. The modernizing and adapting translation.

I.7. Evaluation and criticism of translated texts.
II. Translation in the field of Spanish Studies II.1. Specialized translation
II.1.1. Introduction. Specialized languages. Terminology
II.1.2. Dictionaries and catalogs. Terminological databases

II.2. Computer-assisted translation
II.2.1. Machine-assisted translation and computer-assisted translation
II.2.2. Computer tools. Translation memories. Parallel corpus

II.3. Translation into Spanish
II.3.1. Documentation for translation into Spanish
II.3.2. Translation methods (English into Spanish)
III. Translation in the field of Galician Studies III.1. Literary translation
III.1.1 Preliminary issues and basic concepts
III.1.2. Features of literary translation
III.1.3. Literary self-translation
III.1.4. Translation, version and creative appropriation

III.2. Translation of poetic texts
III.2.1. Methodologies and general remarks
III.2.2. Formal aspects: rithm and rhime, phonic symbolism, etc.

III.3. Translation into Galician

III.4. Evaluation and critique of literary translation
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