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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Use of English 1
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Supervised projects A2 A6 A9 A15 B1 B6 B7 Two assignments on topics related to class work. The mark for this part will be the average of the two pieces. See below for deadlines.
Mixed objective/subjective test A2 A6 A10 A15 B7 C2 Completion of different types of written exercises; distinguishing between usage and meanings; explanation of differences; transformation of phrases/sentences.
Speaking test A6 A9 C2 Individual/pairs interview; comprehension questions; testing of oral skills. Interaction and communication of ideas, opinions, etc. Communicative competence. 30
Assessment comments
           Essays may be tested through Turnitin in order to detect
wrong citations, plagiarism or any other type of fraud. Should this occur, the
rules for plagiarism will be applied (Normas
de avaliación, revisión e reclamación das cualificacións dos estudos de grao e
mestrado universitario
). Turnitin recognises papers previously
turned in by other people (or the student him/herself) at this university or
other universities, as well as other material found on Internet. 

    1. Deadlines for assignments: Last week October and last week November 
    2. Both pieces of work must be handed in on time for them to be taken into consideration with the rest of the marks in the first opportunity for assessment. 
      You will be required to sign in at every session (whole group, interactive and tutorial groups). Regular attendance is an indication of your interest in the subject.
    3. The deadlines for the handing in of work and for the oral exams must be adhered to. Any circumstance which prevents a student from fulfilling his/her obligations must be justified in writing, with adequate documentary proof.
    4. Written test: on the date approved by Xunta de Facultade (first opportunity at the end of the semester). This exam date is not negotiable.
    5. Oral exam: between the end of November and beginning of December. Specific dates and times will be announced.
    6. A 5 out of 10 is necessary in each section of the assessment in order to pass this subject. 
    7. The second opportunity in July, according to the date fixed in the academic calendar, will be based on the repetition of the parts(s) not already passed, maintaining the same percentages. If the "supervised projects"  (assignments) part is failed in the first opportunity, students must present two new pieces of work. with deadlines during the second semester and which will be  before the exam period begins.  The repeat oral exam, if a student fails in the first opportunity, will take place BEFORE the exam period begins. 
    8. The July opportunity is not intended as a way of improving marks in sections already passed; it is only for resitting the parts which a student has failed.
    9. Students who are officially registered as part time, and have been granted permission not to attend classes, as stipulated in the regulations of this University, will be assessed in either of the opportunities according to the same criteria specified for the second opportunity.

    10. Students will obtain a "no presentado" (absent from assessment) if they do not attend the exams  (written test and  oral) and if they do not hand in any work.
    11.  If you fail the first opportunity and do not attend the second opportunity, your mark will be SUSPENSO (FAIL).
    12.  Students sitting the December exam (final exam brought forward) will be assessed
      according to the criteria specified for the July opportunity.


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