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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  English Phonetics
Topic Sub-topic
1. Phonology and Phonetics as linguistic disciplines 1.1. Basic concepts and tools. Definition and description
1.2. Acoustic Phnetics
1.3. Auditive Phonetics
1.4. Articulatory Phonetics
2. Speech sounds and their graphic representation 2.1. Vowels and consonants: functional and articulatory classifications
2.2. IPA and its representation. Classification of speech sounds
3. Speech organs 3.1. The anatomy of speech
3.2. The phisiology of speech
4. Manner of articulation, place of articulation and voiced/voiceless sounds
5. English vowels: descrption and graphic representation 5.1. Vowels
5.2. Diphthongs and triphthongs
6. English consonants: description and graphic representation
7. Syllables, words and connected speech. 7.1. Syllables: definition and structure
7. 2. Connected speech phenomena: Gradation. Assimilation. Elision. Juncture. Liaison.
8. Stress. Accentual patterns of English
9. The accents of English 9.1. Great Britain: Received pronunciation, Estuary English
9.2. U.S.A.: American Standard English, African-American English, American- Indian English
9.3. Australia and New Zealand
9.4. English sa a second language accents
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