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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Writing and Argumentation Skills
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Workshop A10 The practical sessions will be devoted to exercises and writings. These exercises are designed to help students enhance their writing skills and argumentation in English so it is important to attend these seminars and follow them attentively. 30
Completion exercises A18 B7 C2 The students must sit an examination in which they will be asked to write documents or to organize the information in a logical way or to correct texts similar to those that have been used in class. 30
Long answer / essay questions A6 A9 A19 A20 AN INDIVIDUAL ACADEMIC ESSAY: Students will write an essay of 4 pp. on a "topic" from a list provided in class. 40
Assessment comments

-To compute the final grade which will be awarded to the exam, students must have passed most of the activities of the subject. If they fail the course, all activities not done, as well as the final exam, must be recovered in July. 

There is a minimum mark per part:  1.1 out of 3 and 1.6 out of 4.

Those who are officially
registered as part-time students, and have been granted permission not
to attend classes, as stipulated in the regulations of this University,
will be assessed in either of the opportunities according to the same
criteria specified for the second opportunity.

Students who do not sit their tests in January or July will be scored "No presentado", if  more than 50% of activities during the course are not submitted, they will be scored "suspenso" 

-Assignments should be submitted in a timely manner to avoid being automatically disqualified. 

In case of plagiarism (i.e. copying) in the written work or workshop exercises, oral presentation, or mixed test, students will be  automatically graded as "suspenso". Work may be tested through Turnitin in order to detect
wrong citations, plagiarism or any other type of fraud. Should this occur, the
rules for plagiarism will be applied. (Normas
de avaliación, revisión e reclamación das cualificacións dos estudos de grao e
mestrado universitario). Turnitin recognises papers previously
turned in by other people (or the student him/herself) at this university or
other universities, as well as other material found on Internet. 

-The only language used in class work and examinations will be English.

-Students are required to present linguistically accurate work (including correct spelling, punctuation, etc.) appropriate to their level of studies. Failure to do so will bring penalization.

Students who have not attended classes regularly and sit only the  July opportunity, will be assessed in the following way:

An essay (50%) and an exam (50%). Only the exams  and essays SCORED 5 /10 or above will be considered PASSED.

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