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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Use of English 2

Subjects that it is recommended to have taken before
Use of English 1/613G03020

Subjects that are recommended to be taken simultaneously

Subjects that continue the syllabus

Other comments
  • We recommend attending and participating in class, so as to be up to date with your studies; we also ask you to carry out the tasks within the specified time limits. You will be asked to sign in to every class, because this is an indicator of your level of interest and implication in the subject.
  • The only e-mail address we will use is the official UDC one, so check it regularly. Please write to us from this UDC address to avoid your mail being lost or eliminated as spam. Other announcements will appear on Moodle, so check regularly.
  • Attending class allows you to understand the subject better, to acquire individual and collective competence, continuous learning, direct interaction with other students, and the possiblity of participating more actively in the teaching-learning methodology.   May we remind you that UDC is not a distance-learning university, but one in which students are expected to be present. Consequently, it is complusory to attend  classes in each subject.  In certain cases, officially approved by the University, students may opt out of the obligation to attend classes.  Otherwise, you are expected to  attend and your absences will be duly noted.
  • Note that exam dates at UDC are not negotiable; if you are an Erasmus student in Coruña, you are obliged to follow the UDC academic calendar, not the calendar of your home university. We cannot programme different dates to suit individual students.


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