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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  History of the English Language
Topic Sub-topic
Hypotheses on the origin of language Continuist theories
Discontinuist theories
Language as an innate faculty
Language as a social construct
Basic concepts The periods of the history of English
Language change and language variation
What is language change? Theoretical frameworks for its study
The methods of historical linguistics Comparison
language diversity and grouping Cognates
Attested forms and languages
Indoeuropean and its dialects External history
Satem languages and centum languages
Sound change in Indoeuropean
Indouropean morpology
The Indoeuropean lexicon
The place of English in the Indoeuropean context and the dialects of Common Germanic Germanic innovations in the lexicon
Germanic innovations in phonology: stress, Grimm's and Verner's laws
Germanic syntax
Germanic dialects Features of East Germanic
Features of North Germanic
Features of West Germanic
West Germanic innovations Phonological innovations
Morphologival innovations
Lexical innovations
Old English External history
Old English lexicon: external history and borrowing
Spelling and phonology
Morphological features
Old English syntax
Old English dialects
Middle English External history
Sound change and its consequences
The morphological simplification of English
Syntax, word-order and analytic processes in Middle English
Diatopic variation
The standard Theories accounting for the rise of a standard variety
Early Modern English External history
Attitudes towards English
English vs Latin
The spread of literacy
The enlarging of Vocabulary
The language debates
The dictionary makers
Grammars and prescriptivism
The Great Vowels Shift and the spelling reform
Diastratic variation
The geographical spread of English
Late Modern English External history
Perfecting English
Registers and variation
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