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Mestrado Universitario en Técnicas Estadísticas (Plan 2019)
  Data Management Technology
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech Expository sessions, in which they will present concepts and / or procedures, providing basic information necessary to understand a theoretical perspective or a practical procedure, promoting the participation of students.
Laboratory practice Interactive sessions of laboratory (computer lab) practices or problem solving, where the teachers will support and supervise how the students put in practice the acquired knowledge.
Problem solving Personal work of the students in the realization of practical exercises and problem solving from the lectures and laboratory practices.
Seminar Group work technique aimed at in-depth exploration of given topic, consisting of group discussion, individual engagement, preparation of texts and collective conclusions.
Supervised projects Autonomous learning activities, in which professors guide the realization of individual works or in small groups by the students.
Mixed objective/subjective test Mixed test consisting of essay-type and objective test questions. Essay section consists of open (extended answer) questions; objective test may contain multiple-choice, ordering and sequencing, short answer, binary, completion and/or multiple-matching questions.
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