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Mestrado Universitario en Bioinformática para Ciencias da Saúde
  Biomedical knowledge management
   Study programme competencies
Code Study programme competences
A6 CE6 - Ability to identify software tools and most relevant bioinformatics data sources, and acquire skill in their use
B3 CB8 - Students to be able to integrate knowledge and deal with the complexity of making judgements from information that could be incomplete or limited, including reflections on the social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their skills and judgments
B6 CG1 -Search for and select the useful information needed to solve complex problems, driving fluently bibliographical sources for the field
C3 CT3 - Use the basic tools of the information technology and communications (ICT) necessary for the exercise of their profession and lifelong learning
C8 CT8 - Rating the importance that has the research, innovation and technological development in the socio-economic and cultural progress of society
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