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 Study programme competences

TypeA Code  
  AC1 CE1 - To know and apply the concepts, methodologies and technologies of image processing
  AC2 CE2 - To know and apply machine learning and pattern recognition techniques applied to computer vision
  AC3 CE3 - To know and apply the concepts, methodologies and technologies of image and video analysis
  AC4 CE4 - To conceive, develop and evaluate complex computer vision systems
  AC5 CE5 - To analyze and apply methods of the state of the art in computer vision
  AC6 CE6 - To know and apply the fundamentals of image acquisition and machine vision systems
  AC7 CE7 - To understand and apply the fundamentals of medical image acquisition, processing and analysis
  AC8 CE8 - To communicate and disseminate the results and conclusions of research in the field of computer vision
  AC9 CE9 - To know and apply the concepts, methodologies and technologies for the recognition of visual patterns in real scenes
TypeB Code  
  BC1 CB6 - To possess and understand knowledge that provides a basis or opportunity to be original in the development and/or application of ideas, often in a research context
  BC2 CB7 - That students are able to apply their acquired knowledge and problem-solving skills in new or unfamiliar environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their area of study
  BC3 CB8 - That students are able to integrate knowledge and deal with the complexity of making judgements based on information that is incomplete or limited, including reflections on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgements
  BC4 CB9 - That students are able to communicate their findings -and the ultimate knowledge and reasons behind them- to specialist and non-specialist audiences in a clear and unambiguous manner
  BC5 CB10 - That students possess the learning skills to enable them to continue studying in a largely self-directed or autonomous manner
  BC6 CG1 - Ability to analyze and synthesize knowledge
  BC7 CG2 - Ability to analyze a company's needs in the field of computer vision and determine the best technological solution for it
  BC8 CG3 - Ability to develop computer vision systems depending on existing needs and apply the most appropriate technological tools
  BC9 CG4 - Ability to critically analyze and rigorously evaluate technologies and methodology
  BC10 CG5 - Ability to identify unsolved problems and provide innovative solutions
  BC11 CG6 - Ability to identify theoretical results or new technologies with innovative potential and convert them into products and services useful to society
  BC12 CG7 - Ability to learn autonomously for specialization in one or more fields of study
TypeC Code  
  CC1 CT1 - Practice the profession with a clear awareness of its human, economic, legal and ethical dimensions and with a clear commitment to quality and continuous improvement
  CC2 CT2 - Ability to work as a team, organize and plan
  CC3 CT3 - Development of the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit
  CC4 CT4 - Ability to understand the meaning and application of the gender perspective in different areas of knowledge and professional practice with the aim of achieving a more just and equal society
  CC5 CT5 - To incorporate criteria of sustainability and environmental commitment into professional practice. To acquire skills in the equitable, responsible and efficient use of resources
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