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Mestrado Universitario en Políticas Sociais e Intervención Sociocomunitaria
  History and theories of migratory movements
Topic Sub-topic
1. A historical perspective of international migration theories 1.1. Chicago School: Park and Thomas, and Znaniecki
1.2. Sociology of "Race and Ethnic relations"
1.3. North American contemporary sociology’s contribution to migration: Portes and Massey
1.4. French School and its theoretical contribution: Bourdieu and Sayad
2. Explanatory theories of international migration processes

2.1. The push-pull economic model
2.2. Individual action theories
2.3. Social capital and networks theories
2.4. Social mobility theories
3. Methodologies and techniques: narrative, participatory and artistic methodologies to address migrations 3.1. Narrated body mapping
3.2. Fotovoz
3.3. Metaplan
3.4. Social cartographies
4. New theories and approaches in the context of Globalization 4.1. Migration in a globalised world
4.2. Mobility and transnationalism
4.3. Belonging, identity and citizenship
4.4. Border studies
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