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Mestrado Universitario en Políticas Sociais e Intervención Sociocomunitaria
  History and theories of migratory movements
Methodologies Description
Introductory activities Activities used at beginning of any teaching-learning process to obtain information regarding student competences, interests and/or motivations in relation to specific learning outcomes, which educators may then incorporate in their planning to create more meaningful, effective learning experiences based on students’ existing knowledge.
Guest lecture / keynote speech Lectures with the participation of students.
Workbook Set of texts and written documentation compiled to deep on the contents of the subject.
Field trip Activities associated with particular area of study which take place away from university or academic environment (businesses, institutions, organisations, historical sites, etc.), aimed at developing research capacities, including direct, systematic observation, information gathering and product development (project outline, plan, etc.)
Workshop Training modality oriented to the application of knowledge in which several methodologies can be combined: directed discussion (presentation and comments in class of the texts assigned for reading); Exhibitions, Simulations, Debates, Problem solving, Guided practices, etc. Through these methodologies, the student develops eminently practical tasks on a specific topic, with the support and supervision of the teaching staff.
Supervised projects Methodology designed to promote the autonomous learning of students, under the tutelage of the teacher and in varied environments (academic and professional). It refers mainly to learning "how to do things". It is an option based on the assumption by the student of the responsibility of their own learning.
This education system is based on two basic elements: the independent learning of the students and its monitoring by the teacher-tutor.
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