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Grao en Comunicación Audiovisual
  Professional Use of English
Methodologies Description
Online forum During the semester students will prepare and coment on topics, videos or other media in class or on the course Web page.
Oral presentation By doing a project in a group, the teacher can also assess how students interact with others and how they participate in group settings. In order for the project to be a success in terms of assessing the student, clear instructions and deadlines will be given to the students. A summary of the project will have to be submitted to the teacher who will monitor it and an oral presentation in English will be required. The oral presentation will be scored 50% of the total project marking
Speaking test This involves the teacher or evaluator asking the student questions and the student giving the answers orally or by writing them down. This is an excellent way to evaluate the student's thought process.
Objective test This usually involves a multiple choice, short answer, essay, true/false, fill in the blank, or matching test to show how much the students learned from the materials that were just covered in the class.
Seminar Small groups are required to work together, asking questions, giving their opinions, or working on their projects.
Guest lecture / keynote speech Lectures explaining the concepts and the terminology will be delivered to the students. These lectures will be implemented with multimedia presentations, animations, graphs, video clips or any other element that may help understand the main concepts, processess and ideas.
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