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Grao en Administración e Dirección de Empresas
  Principios de Microeconomía
Methodologies Description
Objective test Written test that may combine multiple choice questions, sorting, short-answer and / or discrimination
Guest lecture / keynote speech Lectures with media support, that may be completed with the introduction of questions to students to boost interactive learning and improve the knowledge transmition
Case study The student is faced to a particular problem (the case) that describes a real or supposed professional situation and he (she) must be able to analyze and solve it.
Directed discussion Theoretical and practical issues to resolve in ineteractive sessions
Seminar Group Mentoring: The whole group is divided in two subgroups (the half of the students in each one -about 15 students each-) and there will be four mentoring group hours for each subgroup along the course.
Problem solving Practical issues to solve in interactive sessions
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