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  The Spanish and World Economies
Topic Sub-topic
1. Measuring the Economy: some techniques of structural analysis

1. The National Accounts. Macrognitudes.
2. Input-Output Analysis. Balance of Payments.
3. Socioeconomic indicators.
2. A panoramic view of the world economy

4. Capitalism as an economic system.
5. The major stages in the evolution of the world economy of the twentieth century.
6. Globalization, integration, trade and finance.

3. Globalization and international economic relations.

7. Development and underdevelopment in the global economy.
8. Demography and migrations.
9. Natural resources, environment and sustainable development.

4. A panoramic view of the Spanish economy.

10. The main stages in the evolution of the Spanish economy in the twentieth century.
11. Population, human capital and labor market.
12. Physical capital, technology and innovation.
5 The Spanish economy: factorial and sectoral structure.

13. The functional and productive sectors in the Spanish economy.
14. Distribution of income and social cohesion.
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