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Grao en Ciencias Empresariais
  Inglés Empresarial
Topic Sub-topic
Introductory Module How to learn Business English
What type of learner are you?
The good language learner
English learning strategies
Reviewing the numbers
Graphs, charts and more...
Porfolio & Glossary
Module 1. The sectors of the economy The 3 sector theory vs the 5 sector theory
The sectors of the economy in Galicia
The sectors of the economy in the UK, the USA...
Using graphs and numbers to describe the economic sectors
Module 2. It's all about management Management... an art or a science?
Peter Drucker's view of management: The 5 functions
Function #1: Planning
Time management
Stress management
Your management skills
Modulo 3. Organización Funcion #2: Organización
Estructura empresarial
Elementos del diseño organizacional
Tipos de organizacion: Grandes Corporaciones, PYMES...
Module 4. Staffing, Leading and Controlling Function #3: Staffing
The importance of staffing
The process of staffing
Writing your CV in English
Function #4: Leading (or Directing)
The process of leading
Theory X, Theory Y, and Theory Z
Maslow's pyramid
Function #5:Controlling
Module 5. Wrapping it up! Thinking outside the box
The 6 thinking hats
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