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Mestrado Universitario en Arquitectura
 Study programme competences / results

TypeA Code  
  AC1 Ability to conceive, calculate, design and integrate in buildings and urban developments and implement: Building structures (T)
  AC2 Ability to conceive, calculate, design and integrate in buildings and urban developments and implement: interior partition walls, carpentry, stairs and architectural finishes (T)
  AC3 Ability to conceive, calculate, design and integrate in buildings and urban developments and implement: exterior walls and cladding, roofing and other major works (T)
  AC4 Ability to conceive, calculate, design and integrate in buildings and urban developments and implement: supply systems, sewage, heating and air conditioning (T)
  AC5 Ability to design, implement and develop sketches and drafts, concept designs, developed designs and technical designs (T)
  AC6 Ability to design, implement and develop urban projects (T)
  AC7 Ability to design, implement and develop construction management (T)
  AC8 Ability to develop functional programmes for buildings and urban spaces (T)
  AC9 Ability to preserve, restore and renovate the built heritage (T)
  AC10 Ability to practise architectural criticism
  AC11 Ability to develop and manage urban plans at any scale (T)
  AC12 Development, presentation and public review, once the student has all credits, undergraduate and master´s degree, of an original exercise done individually, before a university jury including at least one prestigious professional proposed by the professional associations. The exercise will consist of a comprehensive architectural design of professional nature in which all the skills acquired in the degree and master´s degree, are developed to an extent of demonstrating sufficiency to guarantee the full execution of the construction works according to technical and administrative regulations (T)
TypeB Code  
  BC1 Students have the learning skills that enable them to continue studying in a way that will be largely self-directed or autonomous
  BC2 Have knowledge and understanding that provide a basis or opportunity for originality in developing and / or applying ideas, often in a research context
  BC3 Students can apply acquired knowledge and ability to solve problems in new or unfamiliar environments within broader or multidisciplinary contexts related to their field of study
  BC4 Students are able to integrate knowledge and handle complexity and formulate judgements based on information that is incomplete or limited, including reflection on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgements
  BC5 Students can communicate their conclusions and the knowledge and the rationale supportting them to specialists and non-specialists in a clear and unambiguous way
  BC6 Knowing the methods of research and preparation of construction projects
  BC7 Creating architectural designs that meet both aesthetic and technical requirements and the needs of users within the limits imposed by cost factors and building regulations
  BC8 "Understanding the architectural profession and its role in society, in particular, elaborating projects that take into account the social factors "
TypeC Code  
  CC1 Adequate oral and written expression in the official languages.
  CC2 Mastering oral and written expression in a foreign language.
  CC3 Using ICT in working contexts and lifelong learning.
  CC4 Exercising an open, educated, critical, committed, democratic and caring citizenship, being able to analyse facts, diagnose problems, formulate and implement solutions based on knowledge and solutions for the common good
  CC5 Understanding the importance of entrepreneurial culture and the useful means for enterprising people.
  CC6 Critically evaluate the knowledge, technology and information available to solve the problems they must face
  CC7 Assuming as professionals and citizens the importance of learning throughout life
  CC8 Valuing the importance of research, innovation and technological development for the socioeconomic and cultural progress of society.
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