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Grao en Estudos de Arquitectura
  Architectural Design 1

Subjects that it is recommended to have taken before
Descriptive Geometry/630G02003
Introduction to Architecture/630G02005
Drawing in Architecture/630G02002

Subjects that are recommended to be taken simultaneously
Analysis of Architectural Forms/630G02007
Architectural Form Geometry/630G02014

Subjects that continue the syllabus
Architectural Design 9/630G02041
Architectural Design 8/630G02036
Architectural Design 5/630G02021
Architectural Design 4/630G02016
Architectural Design 2/630G02006
Architectural Design 3/630G02011
Architectural Design 7/630G02031
Architectural Design 6/630G02026

Other comments
- Drawing skills are a fundamental tool for this subject, so it requires special attention in order to acquire the appropriate level. - Knowledge of modern theories about the Arts, Philosophy, and Science are considered to be highly useful, as they were essential for the avant-garde architecture from the twentieth-century. Interest in the Arts, including cinema and music, will be helpful as well -Required aptitudes are intellectual curiosity, talent for observation, abstract spatial awareness and sensitivity - Manual dexterity to build scale models is needed, being able to work with common materials to express different architectural intentions (heaviness/lightness, transparency/opacity, mass/emptyness, contrast…) is also fundamental.
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