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Grao en Estudos de Arquitectura
  Architectural Design 2
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Identifying Data 2020/21
Subject (*) Architectural Design 2 Code 630G02006
Study programme
Grao en Estudos de Arquitectura
Descriptors Cycle Period Year Type Credits
Graduate 1st four-month period
Second Obligatory 6
Teaching method Face-to-face
Department Proxectos Arquitectónicos, Urbanismo e Composición
Muñoz Fontenla, Luis W
Di Felice Vázquez, Mario Francisco
Iglesia Perez, Manuel de la
Lopez Bahut, Maria Emma
Muñoz Fontenla, Luis W
Vazquez Diaz, Sonia
General description In the subject of Architectural Design 2 we select a geographical area of Galicia for the placement and development of the exercises. This selection is based on the interest of the place in terms of landscape, culture and patrimony and also in terms of its appropriateness and adequacy regarding the learning objectives. Two exercises are proposed for the fourth-month period, and they are placed in the same geographical area. They are undertaken in sequential phases and both are related between them. One of the basic objectives is teaching the students how to undertake the design process taking into account the place where they are set, reading the natural/rural physical environment. They must develop specific abilities and strategies for that. Teaching methods are based on “learning by doing”, confronting the students with specific commitments in particular placements. The difficulty of the two exercises proposed during the fourth-month period increases gradually. The aim of that is favouring a progression in their learning capabilities, boosting the students’ confidence and stimulation. Generating architectural ideas, formalising them and paying attention to their relationship with the physical environment should make up an essential part of the acquired knowledge.
Contingency plan 1. Modifications to the contents The contents of the subject are not modified. 2. Methodologies *Teaching methodologies that are maintained: Introductory activities, Document analysis, Workbook and Diagramming. *Teaching methodologies that are modified: Guest lecture / keynote speech, Objective Test, Directed Discussion and Workshop: They will be carried out telematically. Field trip: Il will adjust to the possibilities. 3. Mechanisms for personalized attention to students Tools used / Temporalization: Email / Permanent Moodle / Permanent Teams / According to official schedule 4. Modifications in the evaluation The evaluation conditions are not modified. *Evaluation observations: The objective tests will be carried out telematically. For foreign students, the objective test may be replaced by a supervised work proposed by the teacher. 5. Modifications to the bibliography or webgraphy There are no modifications.
(*)The teaching guide is the document in which the URV publishes the information about all its courses. It is a public document and cannot be modified. Only in exceptional cases can it be revised by the competent agent or duly revised so that it is in line with current legislation.
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