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Grao en Estudos de Arquitectura
  Urbanism 5
   Study programme competencies
Code Study programme competences
A34 Ability to design, implement and develop sketches and drafts, concept designs, developed designs and technical designs (T)
A35 Ability to design, implement and develop urban projects (T)
A36 Ability to design, implement and develop construction management (T)
A37 Ability to develop functional programs for buildings and urban spaces (T)
A39 Ability to remove architectural barriers (T)
A41 Ability to solve the passive environmental conditioning, including thermal and acoustic insulation, climate control, energy efficiency and natural lighting (T)
A42 Ability to catalogue the built and urban heritage and plan its protection (T)
A44 Ability to develop civil work projects (T)
A45 Ability to design and execute urban layouts and urbanization, gardening and landscape design projects (T)
A46 Ability to apply standards and urban regulations
A47 Ability to develop environmental, landscape and environmental impact correction studies (T)
A52 "Adequate knowledge of ecology, sustainability and the principles of conservation of energy and environmental resources. "
A53 Adequate knowledge of the architectural, urban and landscape traditions of Western culture, as well as their technical, climatic, economic, social and ideological foundationsxicos.
A55 Adequate knowledge of the relationship between cultural patterns and social responsibilities of the architect
A58 Adequate knowledge of the methodological foundations of territorial, metropolitan and urban planning.
A59 Knowledge of the mechanisms of development and management of urban planning at all scales
A60 Knowledge of the legal framework in terms of civil laws, administration, planning, construction and building industry according to the professional pratice
A61 Knowledge of feasibility analysis and the surveillance and coordination of integrated projects
A62 Knowledge of real estate valuation
A63 Development, presentation and public review before a university jury of an original academic work individually elaborated and linked to any of the subjects previously studied
B4 Students can communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions to both specialist and non-specialist public
B5 Students have developed those learning skills necessary to undertake further studies with a high level of autonomy
B8 Knowing the urbanism and techniques applied in the planning process
B11 "Knowing the industries, organizations, regulations and procedures involved in translating design concepts into buildings and integrating plans into planning "
B12 Understanding the relationship between people and buildings and between these and their environment, and the need to relate buildings and the spaces between them according to the needs and human scale
C1 Adequate oral and written expression in the official languages.
C3 Using ICT in working contexts and lifelong learning.
C4 Exercising an open, educated, critical, committed, democratic and caring citizenship, being able to analyse facts, diagnose problems, formulate and implement solutions based on knowledge and solutions for the common good
C5 Understanding the importance of entrepreneurial culture and the useful means for enterprising people.
C6 Critically evaluate the knowledge, technology and information available to solve the problems they must face
C7 Assuming as professionals and citizens the importance of learning throughout life
C8 Valuing the importance of research, innovation and technological development for the socioeconomic and cultural progress of society.
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