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  Networks and Communications
Topic Sub-topic
1: Basic concepts of networks and communications. Networks: definition and classification. Fundamentals of communications. Fundamentals of the ISO OSI model: lower layers. Ethernet standard. Switches and routers. TCP/IP protocols. Network addressing and subnets. Data encapsulation.
2. More advanced concepts on telematics. Data transmission. Error detection and control. Physical and logical topology. Circuit switching and packet switching. Coding and packaging. Protocols. Redundancy, reliability. Measurement parameters.
3. OSI reference models. Description of the 5-layer OSI model. Physical, link and network layers. Transport layer and higher layers. Internet. Protocol stacks.
4. Wired network. Transmission media. Connectors. Protocols. Switch, hub, router, modem. Protocol converter, bridge. Mass memory, node. Structured cabling.
5. Wireless network. WiFi networks, 802.11 x protocols. Configuration of a WiFi. Sensor networks. PANs: Bluetooth, 802.15.4 WiMAX.
6. Marine buses and networks. Point to point and multipoint protocols. Null modem, RS232C, RS422. USB. CanBus and variants. NMEA standards. SeaTalk. Industrial local area networks: Profibus. Industrial Ethernet. Power line transmission (PLCs). TCP/IP. IP telephony (VoIP, ToIP).
7. Marine networks. Monitoring and control networks. Management networks. Interconnection of bridge equipment. Interconnection of networks on the ship. Internet access and external networks. Satellite data connections. Regulations: entities and main standards.
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