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  Networks and Communications
   Sources of information
Basic Mackay S., Wright E., Reynders D (2004). Practical industrial data networks: design, installation and troubleshooting. Elsevier
Reynders D., Mackay S., Wright E. (2005). Practical industrial data communications: best practice techniques,. Elsevier
Reynders D., Wright E. (2003). Practical TCP/IP and Ethernet networking,. Elsevier
Strauss C. (2003). Practical electrical network automation and communication systems. Elsevier
Thompson L. M. (2008). Industrial data communications. ISA
Lees G. D. (2014). Handbook for Marine Radio Communication. Routledge
Kurose J. F., Ross W. K. (2021). Computer Networking. A Top-Down Approach. Pearson

The main source of information will be the notes delivered by the teaching staff.


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