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Mestrado Universitario en Enxeñaría da Auga (plan 2012)
  Water supply and drainage systems
Topic Sub-topic
1. Introduction to water supply systems 1.1. Basic concepts and description of the elements of a water supply system
2. Water catchment systems 2.1 Introduction and review of hydrology
2.2. Catchment of surface water: rivers, lakes, reservoirs,..
2.3. Spring catchments
2.4. Pumping wells
3. Tratamiento de agua para consumo humano 3.1. Introducción a los tratamientos de potabilización de agua
3.2. Pretratamientos
3.3. Elementos primarios
3.4. Tratamientos secundarios
3.5. Desinfección
3.6. Tratamientos avanzados
4. Water supply networks 4.1. General concepts: overview of water supply and review of basic concepts of hydraulics
4.2. Description of each component: pipes, valves, pumps, reservoirs and other elements.
4.3. Design and modelling

5. Urban drainage systems
5.1. General concepts: runoff generation and management, sewer systems and wastewater treatments
5.2. Urban drainage management
5.3. Structures of runoff detention and treatment
5.4. Sustainable urban drainage systems
6. Sewer systems 6.1. Description
6.2. Design and modelling
7. Hystoryof water supply and sanitation systems and their role in society 7.1. Historical introduction to supply and sewer systems
7.2. Characteristics of nowadays water services
8. Legal Framework 8.1. European legal framework
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