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Mestrado Universitario en Enxeñaría da Auga (plan 2012)
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Internships in companies and research institutions in Spain, Germany and abroad No subtopics
The practice in the company will impose a development of the professional exercise in the different areas related with water engineering, in one of the companies where there is a colaboration agreement signed by the participating universities. The company training can be developed in companies and institutions joined with the universities of A Coruña and Magdeburgo or another universities wich have colaboration agreement.
The assignment of the destinations will take into account the students priority and in the case of the conflict it will follow the academic criteria strictelly.
A tutor will be designed in the receiving university so that he can supervise the training at the end of wich he will create a report about the work carried out, having to value the character of the work.
The duration of the practice will be between 2 and 6 months wich can be extended by agreement between both parts.
In the same way, the development of this work will alse be admitted in the instalations of the participating universities, colaborating in investigation projects in the different areas inplicated.
This will constitute the training period. The contractual relationship will be paid preferably in any case.
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