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Grao en Fisioterapia
Methodologies Description
Laboratory practice Methodology that allows that the students learn sure enough through the realisation of activities of practical character, such like demonstrations, exercises, experiments and investigations
Guest lecture / keynote speech Oral exhibition complemented with the use of audiovisual means and the introduction of some questions headed to the students, with the purpose to transmit knowledges and facilitate the learning.
The masterclass is also known like conference, method expositivo or lesson magistral. This last modality sound reserve to a special type of lesson given by a professor in special occasions, with a content that supposes an original preparation and based in the almost exclusive use of the word like road of transmission of the information to the audience
Mixed objective/subjective test Test that integrates ask type of essay and ask type of other objective questions.
Regarding questions of essay, collects open questions of development. Besides, in what objective questions, can combine questions of multiple answer, of ordenación, of brief answer, of discrimination, to complete and/or of association.
Practical test: This test value the exert practical of the student in front of different supposed posed by the professor.
Test in which it looks for answer, of oral and practical form, the questions talas or of some amplitude, valuing the capacity of reasoning (argue, relate, etc.), creativity and critical spirit. It allows to measure the skills that can not evaluate with objective proofs like the capacity of criticism, of synthesis, of comparison, of preparation and of originality of the student; by what involves a wide study and deepen of the contents, without losing of sight the group of the ideas and his relations.
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