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Grao en Fisioterapia
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Collaborative learning A3 A7 B2 B3 B5 C1 C6 C9 The teacher will present the questions / topic that must be solving for the students and can be used as controls. It does not count for general note, except as to benefit the student in the case of showing a steady and dedicated work during the course and previously exceeding 50% of the score.

Exclusively for the module of ELECTROTHERAPY AND ULTRASONOTHERAPY, there will be a peer tutoring program that will add a point to the final mark. It is optional and the methodology will be explained in the class.
Mixed objective/subjective test A3 A7 B1 B3 B4 C1 C6 The theoretical examination will up to 50% of the grade, and the practical test 30% of the final grade.

Theoretical exam: may have a first part of test questions, and a second part of open questions, reasoning ability or capacity of synthesis of networking and writing are checked. Just in case of doubtful note, it may be referred to the results of ongoing evaluation controls for the corresponding module.

The practical test, in general, shall consist of 2 cases to be addressed by students for theoretical and practical resolution. Students will be assessed by a teacher who does not have to match the one who taught the student in practical lessons.

To be able to average, at least 50% of the maximum score in each of the examinations (theoretical and practical ones) must be achieved. The collaboratory learning mark will be added only if the theoretical and practical exams were passed for each of the modules.

The mean mark will only be done if both parts are passed.

Practical test: A3 A7 B2 B4 C1 C6 C9 O exame práctico contará o 30% da nota final. Constará de 1 o máis casos que se plantexarán ao alumnado para a súa resolución teórico-práctica. O estudiante será avaliado por un/unha profesor/a que non ten por qué coincidir co que lle impartiu a práctica.

Para poder facer media deberá alcanzarse un mínimo de 50% da nota máxima en cada un dos exames das partes (teórica e práctica). Só se engadirá a nota da aprendizaxe colaborativa se se aprobaran ambos examen (teórico e práctico) de cada un dos módulos.

Só se fará a media da materia coa nota de ambos os módulos, se en ambos se sacou polo menos un 50% da nota máxima.
Assessment comments

Attendance at the laboratory is highly recommended and non-attendance should be well justified and may prevent the continuous assessment. Approved each quarter note to the July, including saved. If it had not approved the two modules in Jule, the part will be saved for the following year if the score is at least 70% of the grade. If someone is presented to test one of the two parts and not the other, will be considered as not presented in the final grade. If it is presented at both parts can no longer be considered as not presented. 

For this course, MASSOTHERAPY AND OTHER THERAPIES  will the first part (in the first quarter) and will continue with electrotherapy and ultrasonotherapy part in the second quarter


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