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Grao en Fisioterapia
Topic Sub-topic
Introduction to the language of the Health Sciences and Physiotherapy. Everyday language for the health professional. Introduction to numbers and letters. Wriing: "My speciality".
Hospitals 1. The members of the hospital team. 2. In and around the hospital. 2. Asking and giving directions 3. A Job Interview 4. Profile of a health science professional.
Looking after yourself 1. Physical fitness
2. What to do about common illnesses.
3. How to stay healthy (letter of advice to a friend)
4. Listening comprehension: "What exercises can I do?"
Semi-scientific language English and Spanish technical words compared.
Texts for Reading comprehension: "The Ankle" and "Ankle Sprains". Listening comprehension "Using your Brain".
Pain and illnesses 1. Accidents and emergencies (First Aid)
2. Pain (reading, listening and writing)
3. Symptoms and remedies
Physical therapy 1. Exercising (Protect your back, DVD for listening comprehension, reading comprehension on "Movement, Posture and Lifting"; Video on "Australian LBP exercises)
2. Other physiotherapy treatments
(long noun and adjective groups)
Youth and Old age 1. Caring for the elderly.
2. "Working with Children" (Reading Comprehension; "The Hope Children's Hospice" (Reading Comprehension)
Treatments 1. Medication. Reading comprehension: "Physiotherapists may get medicine prescribing rights"
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