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Grao en Fisioterapia
Methodologies Description
Directed discussion Most classes will include time for discussion and conversation in pairs or groups. Supervision by teachers. this will include the translation of texts, both from Spanish to English and English to Spanish.
Supervised projects Students will write an assignment of about 6 pages A4 (Times New Roman 12, double space) where (s)he describes a treatment or therapy belonging to her/his speciality, or another topic, with prior confirmation of its appropriateness from the teacher. The assignment may respect the following structure (optional): (Introduction, Body text, Discussion and Conclusion)
Oral presentation The presentation, probably in class time, should last about 5 minutes, and will usually be based on the "supervised project".
Guest lecture / keynote speech Teacher talking time. Two teachers will be involved, the teacher in charge of the subject and a language assistant.
Student portfolio Apart from the Supervised Project, students will be asked to submit some written work and will need to rehearse the presentation by presenting a different topic briefly (orally) in class time.
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