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Grao en Fisioterapia
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech Oral presentation complemented by the use of media and the introduction of some questions to the students, in order to improve the knowledge and facilitate learning. to this effect, some can be used interactively.
Workshop Community physiotherapy module

Analysis and discussion of materials (publications and articles, brochures, audiovisual materials, news, etc.) related to community physiotherapy, health promotion and prevention, or closely related concepts (determinants of health and health equity, social organization for health care, bioethics, qualitative research, etc).

Public Health module

Presentation for discussion and resolution of different types of exercises in which the type of epidemiological study and identify appropriate risk measure is calculated
Collaborative learning Community physiotherapy module

Community Program physiotherapy, prevention or health promotion (team). Have a part of oral exposure.

Public Health Module

To develop in group a type of epidemiological study, describing their objectives, methodology and data analysis.
Mixed objective/subjective test The exam will consider the content and skills worked in theoretical clasess (lectures) and directed discussions (interactive classes) and in collaborative learning (practical classes and self-working)
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