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Grao en Fisioterapia
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Mixed objective/subjective test A12 A13 A14 A18 A19 C1 C6 Community physiotherapy module

Examination will consist of multiple choice questions, open questions and analysis of a text, in order to evaluate the skills of this module. Account for up to 30% of the final grade, provided that the student has succeed in public health part.

Public Health module

To assess the knowledge acquired in the part of the subject taught by the teacher Saleta, students must pass a written exam consisting of multiple choice questions, short questions and exercises that will require calculation. To take the exam will need to meet two requirements for the course: one is that the student should not have missed practical lessons more than once, and the other is that it should work in the research group. In the event that during the course you could not participate in the work, you must submit the work on your own, for July . This written examination equivalent to 40% of the final grade, provided they have succeed in Community physiotherapy part.

Will be essential to overcome each of the modules of the course and to approve and make half with the other module.
Collaborative learning A12 A13 A14 A17 A18 A19 B2 B5 C1 C4 C6 C9 Community physiotherapy module

Design and presentation of a program of community physiotherapy, health promotion or prevention, in teams of about 5 people. It wiill represent up to 20% of the final grade.

Public health module.

Evaluation of research work to be conducted in groups of approximately 10 students. He counted up to 10% of the final grade.
Assessment comments

The mean mark only will be done if both modules are overcome.

To pass the part of the subject taught by the teacher Saleta is essential  attend practical classes and participate with the rest of the peer group in conducting a research. If more than one practical clas is missed or don´t participate in the research WILL CONSTITUTE A FAILURE OF THE PART TAUGHT BY PROFESSOR. For subsequent calls will be indispensable to present a research work individually, if you have not participated in group work during the course.

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