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Mestrado Universitario en Xerontoloxía (Plan 2011)
  English Language II
Methodologies Competencies / Results Description Qualification
Student portfolio A5 A7 A11 C1 C2 Other pieces of work for both teachers during the course. Participation and attendance. 30
Oral presentation C2 C3 C6 Presentation in English towards the end of the four-month period, using Power Point o Prezi or similar, on a topic chosen by the student her/himself, related to the speciality of Gerontology. 30
Supervised projects A11 C2 C3 C6 C8 Written assignment. (For details, see "Personalised attention)
In order to comply with Green Campus norms for a healthier environment, work will be submitted in digital format unless otherwise stipulated.
Assessment comments

Students should keep in touch with teachers in the event of special circumstances. Second opportunity: Students who did not fulfil the requirements of the section "Participation and attendance" will be required to do an extra piece of written work, whose characteristics should be consulted beforehand with the teacher involved (20%). Otherwise, the assessment criteria will be the same as in the first opportunity.

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