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Grao en Terapia Ocupacional
  Historical Review and Documentation in Occupational Therapy
Methodologies Description
Oral presentation Core component of teaching-learning process involving coordinated oral interaction between student and teacher, including proposition, explanation and dynamic exposition of facts, topics, tasks, ideas and principles.
Guest lecture / keynote speech Oral presentation (using audiovisual material and student interaction) designed to transmit knowledge and encourage learning. Presentations of this type are variously referred to as ‘expository method’, ‘guest lectures’ or ‘keynote speeches’. (The term ‘keynote’ refers only to a type of speech delivered on special occasions, for which the lecture sets the tone or establishes the underlying theme; it is characterised by its distinctive content, structure and purpose, and relies almost exclusively on the spoken word to communicate its ideas.)
Mixed objective/subjective test Mixed test consisting of essay-type and objective test questions. Essay section consists of open (extended answer) questions; objective test may contain multiple-choice, ordering and sequencing, short answer, binary, completion and/or multiple-matching questions.
Workbook Compilation of printed texts and written documents, collected and edited as tool to consolidate knowledge of course content.
Workshop Through various methodologies / tests (exhibitions, simulations, debates, problem solving, guided practices, etc.) students will develop eminently practical tasks on a specific topic, with the support and supervision of the teaching staff.
Supervised projects Supervised learning process aimed at helping students to work independently in a range of contexts (academic and professional). Focused primarily on learning ‘how to do things’ and on encouraging students to become responsible for their own learning.
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