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Grao en Terapia Ocupacional
  Ergonomics, Accessibility, Universal Design and Functional Adaptation
   Learning aims
Learning outcomes Study programme competences / results
Acquisition of the previous theoretical knowledges to the practice on ergonomics, accessibility and universal design. Fundamentación Theoretical of the Occupational Therapy in the intervention on the half: influence of the surroundings on the human occupation. A2
Acquisition of skills of observation and analysis of the half: evaluation of the conditions of the half social in which the people develop his occupations and of the interaction established between the individual conditionings, the facilitadores/obstacles of the envioronment and the demands of the activity, promoting the half sustainability-environmental. A11
Development of the analytical thought and critic applied to the assessment and to the advice in matter of accessibility: planning of a process structured of intervention (assessment, advice/proposed of improvement, register) and design of favourable and sustainable surroundings to the occupation and potenciadores of the autonomy. A8
Development of skills and technical rigour for the register of the pertinent information of the intervention: development of skills of communication with other professionals and with users, and learning for the preparation of technical reports. A11
Promotion of a social perspective: situate to the student in a type of community intervention, improving the collaboration with other professionals of the field of the social and, in definite, promoting his cooperation to the occupational justice of healthy people in sustainable surroundings. A11
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