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Grao en Terapia Ocupacional
  Ergonomics, Accessibility, Universal Design and Functional Adaptation
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech The masterclass is also known like Conference, Exposed method or master lesson. This last modality is used to reserve to a special type of lesson given by a professor in special occasions, with a content that supposes an original preparation and based in the almost exclusive use of the word like road of transmission of the information to the audience.

Collaborative learning Technician of individual work and public exhibition during the class (GG) and discussion.

Mixed objective/subjective test It tests that it integrates questions type of proofs of essay and questions type of objective proofs.
Regarding questions of essay, collects developmental open questions. Besides, in song objective questions, can combine questions of multiple answer, of ordination, of brief answer, of discrimination, to complete and/or of association.
Introductory activities Activities that carry out before initiating any process of education-learning to end to know the competitions, interests and/or motivations that possesses the students for the attainment of the aims that want to reach , linked to a formative program. It pretends obtain much information that allow to articulate the teaching to favour effective and significant learnings, that split of the previous knowledges of the students.
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