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Grao en Terapia Ocupacional
  Occupational Therapy, Orthopedic-Prosthetic Techniques and occupational performance
Topic Sub-topic
Subject 1.- Occupational therapy, technical ortoprotésicas and exert occupational.
Profs. Sergio Santos del Riego and Isabel Francisco of Miguel.
Initial activities.

Generalities and concepts from the occupational perspective.
Ortesis and internal (knee,...) e external Prosthesis like occupational therapeutic resource.
Materials employees in ortoprótesis in Occupational Therapy.
Importance of the occupational therapist in the functional adaptation of the person with discapacity employing ortoprotetic techniques.

Handle of the Ortoprótesis in the team interdisciplinar.

Subject 2.- Orthesis of vertebral column.
Prof. Sergio Santos del Riego.
Orthesis of vertebral column.
Ortoprótesis: Cifosis and Scoliosis.

Subject 3.- Orthesis and Prothesis of upper member.
Prof. Sergio Santos del Riego.
Orthesis of upper member.
Amputations of upper member. Reimplantations.
Prothesis of upper member.

Subject 4.- Orthesis and Prothesis of limbs member.
Prof. Sergio Santos del Riego.
Orthesis of limbs member.
Amputations of limbs member. Reimplantations.
Prothesis of limbs member.
Subject 5.- Products of Support and Adaptations in Occupational Therapy.
Profª. Isabel Francisco de Miguel.
General ranking ISO of the Products of Support (Technical Helps).
Adaptations in Occupational Therapy: Generalities.
Subject 6.- Practical:
Profª. Isabel Francisco de Miguel.
Basic principles stop the manufacture of orthesis in Occupational Therapy.
Types of existing materials employees in the manufacture of orthesis and prosthesis.
Manufacture of different ortesis of interest in Occupational Therapy with diverse material.
Manufacture of a folder of personnel of orthesis where specify : type, utilization, maintenance, functions and other aspects of occupational interest.
Design and manufacture of a product of support.
Preparation of material and manufacture of férulas.

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