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Grao en Terapia Ocupacional
  Occupational Therapy, Functional Diversity and Quality of Life
Topic Sub-topic
Subject 1.- Healthy university surroundings and Sustainable for the welfare and the quality of life of the citizens. Sustentabilidad versus Sustainability. Health, Promotion of Health, Literacy of Health, Sustentabilidad versus Sustainability, Human Rights, Network Iberoamericana of Healthy Universities, Spanish Network of Healthy Universities, and others.
Subject 2.- Habits, routines and healthy lifestyles. Healthy feeding.
Physical exercise, physical Activity and Sport.
Psychological welfare.
Socials Determinants of health.
Subject 3.- Glimpsed and Curriculum Vitae.

Curriculum Vitae.
Personal interview.
Subject 4.- Verbal communication and no verbal of the people in the daily routines and in the half professional. Elements of the Communication.
Communication no verbal.
Communication in the half professional.
Subject 5.- Multiculturalidad: Equality, diversity, culture. Equality: Concept.
Equality versus inequality.
History of the inequality.
Multiculturalidad: Diversity and Inclusion.
Subject 6.- Political of equality.
Equality of gender.
Violence of gender.
Health and gender.
Subject 7.- Political, Religion and Human Rights. Ideological thought.
Influence of the politics and religions in the cotidianeidad.
Human rights.
Subject 8.- Sexuality: approximation from Occupational Therapy. Dimensions of the sexuality.
Analysis from Occupational Therapy.
Special "situations": considerations.
Subject 9.- The water like therapeutic surroundings. The water like therapeutic surroundings. Concepts, historical evolution and current situation.
Types of centres and uses.
Therapeutic value the water.
Characteristics of the aquatic surroundings and the activities in the water: physical factors, psychic, sensorio-affective, social and occupational.
The aquatic surroundings in the childish age. The water like element facilitador of the development. Utilisation of the half aquatic in the early attention.
Uses of the water and the aquatic activity in the adulthood and vejez.
Uses in diverse conditions of health and therapeutic indications.
Aquatic surroundings and work in team.
Subject 10 et seq.- Acquisition of other competitions related with contents of actuality and future projection, of exclusive interest for students of Occupational Therapy, that preferably have not been given in the career and to criterion of the/ of the professor/is of the asignatura and that they can substituir to the presented in this program to criterion of each professor. Variables in function of the actuality
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