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University College of Labour Relations (C)
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Grao en Relacións Laborais e Recursos Humanos (Coruña)
  Contemporary Social and Political History
   Learning aims
Learning outcomes Study programme competences / results
Historia das relacións laborais. A12
Transmit and communicate orally and in writing using the terminology and the proper techniques A13
Interpret data and socioeconomic indicators A18
Understanding the relationship between social processes and the dynamics of labor relations A32
Understanding the dynamic character and changing labor relations in the national and international A33
Interlink the various disciplines that make up the labor relations A34
Critical analysis of the decisions taken by the agents involved in labor relations A35
Express correctly, both orally as written in the official languages of the autonomous community C1
Develop for the exercise of citizenship open, educated, critical, committed, democratic and caring, able to analyze reality, diagnose problems, formulate and implement solutions based on knowledge and oriented to the common good C4
Critically assess the knowledge, technology and information available to solve the problems they face with C6
Análise capacity and síntes B2
Behave ethically and social responsibility as a citizen and as a professional B6
Critical thinking B8
Recognition of diversity and multiculturalism B10
Autonomous learning B14
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