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Mestrado Universitario en Edificación Sostible (Plan 2017)
  Efficient and innovative building materials
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech It will realize an exhibition of the contents through audiovisual means.
They will be able to organize conferences in the classroom or the assistance to sessions of notable conferences organized externamente about innovative and efficient materials.
Supervised projects Along the course, the student will develop a work in team that will conclude with a brief oral presentation in front of his mates. The work will consist in the development of a technical proposal of a new product, element or innovative constructive system, advanced and efficient for the edificación. Will be able to carry out two alternative strategies:
- Innovation with new materials, products or constructive elements.
- New application of a material, product or existent element (p. ej: Material of waste or by-product of the industry)

In each work, will study like minimum the following appearances:
- Description, composition and applications of the product / element / constructive system.
- Design of the resultant constructive system. Technical feasibility of the proposal.
- Durability of the proposal.
- Improvements that provides the proposal.
- Assessment of the solution of recycled of the material of waste.
- Sustainability in the industrial production of the product / element / constructive system.

Each team will be able to pose freely any proposal that adjust to the general requirements established. Nevertheless, the professors will orient to the students in relation with the subject that propose, and reserve the right to readjust the subjects with educational ends.

It exists the possibility that a same work was developed jointly in the matters ?Constructive systems advanced? And ?Innovative constructive materials and efficient?. For this, the subject proposed will have to fulfill the requirements established in the educational guides of both matters simultaneously, and will have to be approved by the professors of the matter before his start. In this case, the work will have to have an extension and a level of development in accordance with the time of dedication foreseen in the planning of both matters.
Collaborative learning The system of unroll of the work tutelado will be a combination between the work of house and the follow-up in the classroom by part of the professor.
He work in the classroom treats of a group of procedures of education-learning guided of face-to-face form the supported with technologies of the information and the communications, that base in the organization of the class in small groups in which the alumnado works jointly in the resolution of tasks assigned by the profesorado to optimize his own learning and the one of the others members of the group.
Oral presentation It will realize a presentation of the work tutelado in front of the mates, the professor will boost the participation in the discussion about the subject after the presentation.
It will be compulsory the presentation of an academic work writing, a presentation type power-point and a signpost summary in size To1 on cardboard feather.
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