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  Descriptive Geometry
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Objective test A2 A6 B1 B4 B5 B12 B16 B17 B27 C1 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 Graphic test for the assessment of learning, whose distinctive feature is the ability to determine whether the answers are correct or not. It is a measuring element that allows to assess knowledge, abilities, skills, performance, attitudes, intelligence, etc. It is applicable for both diagnostic, formative and summative evaluation. 100
Assessment comments

There will be three tests of similar during the semester . They will present similar characteristics to the exercises developed in the interactive classes and that will serve to evaluate through a process of continuous evaluation.

The first test will cover the contents of blocks I and II (items 1 to 10) corresponding to the Dihedral System.

The second test will cover the contents of blocks III and IV (items 11 to 18) corresponding to the Dihedral System.

The third test will cover the contents of blocks V and VI (items 19 to 25) corresponding to the Figured Plans System-Topographical Representation.OBSERVATIONS


It is considered compulsory to attend both the lectures ("TEORÍA"/THEORY) and the interactive classes ("PRÁCTICA"/PRACTICE) so that students must meet minimum attendance requirements in order to be able to attend the tests. This minimum attendance will be 80% of all the lectures.

The three scoring tests will be scored out of 10 points each. The overall final grade of these tests will be obtained by adding up the grades of each one of them and dividing this sum by three. It is stated that in order to be able to be eligible to get the average done, the minimum qualification in each of the tests must be 5 points out of 10, except in the first test corresponding to the Diédrico System (items 1 to 10) in which the minimum qualification for average may be 3.5 points out of 10.

In addition to attendance, participation and carrying out supervised work, the necessary tests may be carried out in order to adequately assess the degree of assimilation of the conceptual and procedural contents of the subject.

The student who achieves an overall average grade of 5 points or higher (out of 10) in the sum of the three scoring tests will exceed the subject without taking part in the final exam.

Students who do not reach the minimum overall grade of 5 points must be submitted to the official Final Exam of the subject to be held at the end of the corresponding term (First Call) according to official calendar approved in School Board.

The grade from the passed partial tests will be saved but by complete systems.This condition is considered linked to the corresponding academic year and therefore these passing grades will be kept for the First Chance (January) and Second Opportunity (July) but exclusively during the current course and it will not be kept for later academic years.

The correction of the exercises of the scoring tests and the final exams and the subsequent revision of them will be done by the teacher responsible for teaching the subject in the group to which the student belongs.

IMPORTANT NOTE. In order for the student to have a passing grade in the final exams he must obtain an overall average grade of 5 points or higher in the sum of the proposed exercises but it will be mandatory to score in the exercises corresponding to the Dihedral System and in the Topographical Projection System. A grading of 0 will cause the failing of the course.

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