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  Technical Projects II
Topic Sub-topic
INTRODUCTION Introduction to technical project building. Definition and object. Types of projects. Development phases of the project. Normative.
PROJECT METHODOLOGY The context and means of the project. Methodological process: analysis, synthesis, evaluation. Adequacy and consistency between proposal and objectives.
REPRESENTATION, COMUNICATION AND DOCUMENTATION OF THE PROJECT. Memory: descriptive and constructive. Analysis of the project's graphic documents.
ZONING AND DISTRIBUTION OF SPACES. Distributions related to its function and use. Creating spaces and environments. Studying paths and circulations. Lighting and furniture as distribution elements. Link between public and private spaces. Link between space and compatibility among them. Connection between served and service spaces.
COMMERCIAL SPACES. WORK SPACES. CASE STUDY. Analysis, development and planning of a retail or work space.
DOMESTIC SPACE: THE HOUSE. CASE STUDY Analysis, development and planning of a housing area.
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