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  Technical Projects II
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech The lecture format consits in the oral exposition modality as well as the use of audivisual means and the introduction of proposed questions to students in order to transfer knowledge and facilitate learning.
Workshop Workshops are organized according to students autonomous learning, teaching modality oriented to the use of the acquired knowledge in class. In these workshops several methodologies/tests (expositions, simulations, deabtes, problem solving, guided practics, etc) are combined, where the students develop practical tasks about a specific topics with professor support and supervision.
Supervised projects With this methodology student autonomous learning is promoted under professor supervision in academic as well as professional scenarios. Here the student assume a part of his/her training.
Student portfolio It consists in data gathering from the theorical classes (lecturers) and student personal reflexions related to the proposed technical project: graphic data, images, drawings, bibliographical references, technical documentation and notes related to the development of the proposed exercises.
Document analysis For the project realization, it will be proceeded an analysis of the documentary sources related to the proposed topic through using audiovisual and bibliographical documents, documentaries, graphic panls, photographies, models, articles, informative texts, applicable regulation, etc. Individually or in workshop groups, the available documentation is analyzed and it is extended by elaborating a synthesis of the different documental sources.
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