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  Technical Projects II
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Student portfolio A15 B2 B7 B15 B19 B23 C1 C4 C7 C8 Neste apartado considérase o seguimento da recompilación de datos e a xestión de información elaborada polo alumno con relación aos traballos desenvolvidos así como a participación activa e o aproveitamento do alumnado nas prácticas e actividades que se realicen sobre os contidos da materia. 10
Supervised projects A15 A27 A31 B1 B2 B13 B15 B16 B19 B24 C1 C3 C6 C9 Propoñerase a elaboración de traballos prácticos relacionados cos contidos da materia.
Ao comezo do cuadrimestre comunicarase aos alumnos o número de traballos, as súas características e as datas de entrega correspondentes.
Assessment comments

This section considers the monitoring of data collection and management of information elaborated by the student related to the carried out work. Also, it is included the active participation and  as active participation and the utilization of the knowledge about the contents acquired in practical tasks and activities.

The making of two technical projects throughout the semester is proposed:

First due date (march): analysis, development and planning of a commercial or work space.

Second due date (may): analysis, development and planning of a house area.

For the evaluation of the course, regular attendance is required for both lectures as interactive. The minimum percentage of attendance for each one is 80%.

The teaching of the course Technical Projects II is based on a Project Based Learning (PBL) methodology, following a continuous assessment system.

Each project will be individually graded and a minimum of score of 5 out of 10 will be considered as a PASS. To pass the course, it is necessary the successful completion of all proposed work proposed as well as their adequate monitoring during workshops and teacher hours.

In addition to attendance, participation and conducting proposed projects, tests may be done in order to properly assess the degree of assimilation of the conceptual and procedural contents from the course.

To pass the course, the student has to complete and obtain a PASSING GRADE in all the projects while meeting each deadline, which will be announced at the beginning of the course.

Students who fail the course during the academic year must submit the corresponding projects on the deadline for the First Opportunity Assessment (JUNE) or, where applicable, on the deadline for Second Chance (JULY). In these cases, the student should follow the relevant instructions of the teacher responsible for the course.

IMPORTANT: The students that will meet the following criteria will be graded as FAILED:

- The student has not meet the required assistance minimum.

- The student has not turned in any of the proposed tasks.

Completion or modification of the projects after the deadline will not be accepted.

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