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Grao en Xestión Industrial da Moda
  Global Trends in Fashion: Digital Transformation and Sustainability
Methodologies Description
Case study Different learning materials will be used (cases, audiovisuals, readings); both in the classroom in order to complement theoretical and theoretical-practical teaching, and outside the classroom in order for students to prepare the group practical assignments that are subject to continuos evaluation and may deal with real organizations.
Seminar Participation in all sessions of the course, including seminars, presentations of group practical assignments and guest lectures, is compulsory given that their contents can be subject to evaluation.
Multiple-choice questions A test examination will be held, a multiple choice type where only one option is correct and incorrect answers entail a penalty.
Guest lecture / keynote speech The fundamentals of the course will be explained in the classroom in theory-based sessions and utilizing audiovisual aids, guided discussions, cases and other interactive methodologies.
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