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Grao en Xestión Industrial da Moda
  Global Trends in Fashion: Digital Transformation and Sustainability
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Case study A13 A14 A15 A16 A17 A18 B1 B7 B9 C2 C3 The grade obtained in team projects will weight 30% of the final grade. All team members will get the same grade 30
Seminar B9 C5 C6 C9 Attendance to all sessions is compulsory, including seminars and guest lectures, and will be duly assessed
Attendance to sessions will weight a maximum of 10% of the final grade
Multiple-choice questions A8 B10 A multiple-choice type of test exam administered via Moodle, where only one option is correct, will be taken. Wrong answers entail a penalty of one third of the value of correct ones. It is strictly necessary to pass the exam (with a grade equal or superior to 5, in a 0-10 grading system) in order to pass the course.

All materials and contents addressed in the classroom, both face-to-face and virtually, or recommended in moodle, either through the lectures or in the interactive sessions (be them teaching case discussions, plenary or team-based, or seminars), including the discussion of individual assignments or in the presentation of group assignments, are subject to be asked about in the exam.

It is important that students prepare individually for the exam utilizing all materials available in the virtual platform (visual aids, individual and team readings and multimedia materials), plus the notes they took in the classroom, in order to better understand the real examples used to illustrate course contents and to develop their own critical thinking and professional criteria.

It is key that students complement these materials with the individual revision of suggested readings, in order to clarify any remaining question.
Assessment comments
Participation in face-to-face guest seminars and ordinary lectures (worth 10% of the final grade) could be randomly checked. 

The aforementioned evaluation criteria will apply to both the first and the second opportunity, including Erasmus and other exchange students. 

Those students with part-time registration and "dispensa académica de exención de asistencia" will have the following weights: 100% of the grade will come from the exam.

Those students who fail the multiple-choice exam will receive the exam grade as course grade.

The grade obtained by students from continuous evaluation, coming from their team projects (up to 30%) and attendance checks (up to 10%), will be valid only for the ongoing academic year. 

It is forbidden to access the classroom with any device allowing for data transmission and/or warehousing when any of the evaluations is taking place (mobile phones, smart watches, etc.). 
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