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Mestrado Universitario en Materiais Complexos: Análise Térmica e Reoloxía (plan 2012)
  Applications to environmental protection
Topic Sub-topic
Analysis of the combustion gases by TG-FTIR Degradation in oxidizing and inert atmosphere
Products of combustion
Component Identification by FTIR
Evaluation of the absorption of harmful gases by TG Characteristics of absorbent substrates
Influence of absortion temperature
Influence of concentration and gas flow
Setting up an experiment to evaluate the absorption of gases
Rheology of fuel marine waste General characteristics of fuel marine waste
Rheological properties of interest
Thermal and rheological characterization
Substitution of synthetic polymers by biopolymers Methods for obtaining biopolymers
Main biopolymers
Compared to synthetic polymers
Possibilities and prospects of replacing synthetic polymers for biopolymers
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