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Mestrado Universitario en Enxeñaría Naval e Oceánica (plan 2018)
  Computational Continuous Media Mechanics
Topic Sub-topic
The blocks or the following contents develop the established topics in the "Memoria de Verifcación". 1.- Finite Difference, Finite Element and Finite Volume Method.
2.-Eliptic PDE. Hydrodynamic and structures application.
3.- Solution to linear equations systems.
4.- Convective interpolation Schemes introduction.
5.- Coding cases.
Remembering conservation laws: Conservation laws (mass and momentum).
Combined convection / diffusion
Constitutive relations
Pressure velocity coupling algorithms: Introduction to the closure problem.
Numerical versus physical incompressibility.
Staggered grids.
SIMPLE/ER/C and PISO methods for staggered grids.
SIMPLE/ER/C and PISO methods for collocated grids.
Implementing cases.
Linear equations systems: Sparse matrix systems.
Point to point, line to line and plane to plane methods.
High and low frequency errors. Multigrid methods.
Conjugate gradient method.
Implementing cases
Unsteady problems: Explicit, implicit and fully implicit schemes in 1D transient pure diffusive case.
Extension to 3D case.
Combined advection diffusion transient case.
Transient pressure velocity coupling.
Implementing cases.
Special Boundaries: Remembering Dirichlet and von Newmann boundaries.
Combined boundary conditions.
Wall laws.
Special boundaries.
Free surface.
Cases over commercial software: Proposed cases by the proffessor.
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