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  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Topic Sub-topic
0 The following sub-topics show the contents established in the Verifying Memory: 1. Introduction: Review of thermodynamic and heat transfer
2. Fundamentals of Psicrometry: Psicrometry, heat transfer from wet surfaces. Processes and equipments.
3. Air conditioning systems: types and design.
4. Cooling and dehumidification coils: Types and desing parameters.
5. Vapor compression cycle: ideal cycle, real cycle, COP, COP enhancement. Flash-gas. Refrigerants. Expansion devices.
6. Multipressure systems: industria refrigeration, Flash-gas removal, intercooling, one evaporator – one compressor, two evaporators – one compressor, one evaporador – two compressors.
7. Compressors: Classification. Performance, power, refrigerant displacement. Performance curves.
8. Cooling tower and evaporative condensers.
9. Heat pumps.
1 Thermodynamic and heat transfer revision Termodinámica
Transferencia de calor
2 Introduction to the exergy analysis of thermal systems Balance de exergía
Sistemas abertos
3 Heat exchangers 3.1 Design
3.2 Simulation
4 Fundamentals of psicrometry and applications 4.1 Drying
4.2 Comfort and air condioning
5 Refrigeration systems Refrixerantes
Ciclo de compresión de calor
Coeficiente de rendemento
Bomba de calor
6 Air and vapor motor cycles Ciclo Rankine
Ciclo Brayton
7 Introduction to optimization techniques and simulation of thermal systems Optimización
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